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Curtiss Specialized Consulting

Unlock Your Unique Potential

Dr. Curtiss is an Education and Disability Specialist with over 25 years of educational and consulting experience.  Dr. Curtiss has worked as a private educational consultant, life coach, autism specialist, special education advocate, and public-school teacher.  She specializes in working with adolescents through adults. 

In college I was diagnosed with dyslexia.  Prior to this diagnosis, I hated school and was very frustrated by it.  Once I was tested, diagnosed, and provided with disabilities services, I was taught how to understand my unique way of thinking and apply this to my coursework.  My academic outlook completely changed (as well as my grades!).  In fact, during my last two years of college, I was tutoring and mentoring other students with dyslexia – and my love of teaching began.  

After graduation, I became a public-school special education teacher.  As a teacher, I have worked with 11 of the 13 disabilities under IDEA, at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, as well as in public separate and exploratory programs. 

In 2015 I started my private consulting business. Many of my clients are in a transitional stage of life. They are in high school and looking towards college or work, in college and moving to “adulting,” or are adults who are looking to learn more about themselves and where they want to go next. I love working with people during these transitional times. There are always many factors to consider – social understanding, communication skills and preferences, sensory processing, and overall interests. I look forward to helping you “Unlock Your Unique Potential.”